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                    The branding process is about your ability to establish a set of positive and favourable associations about your business in the minds of people. Your brand equity is the measure of the ability of the favourable associations you place in people’s minds to sway people to buy your stuff at a premium price in preference to your competitors’ stuff.?

                    A print campaign is no more effective than the graphic design used in your print ads. To fully maximise the potential of print media, start with your graphics. Use words to support your graphics. Exceptional graphics make for great print campaigns simply because normal people’s brains are disengaged most of the time, even during waking hours. They remember only 10 percent of what they read, but more than 50 percent of what they see.

                    Whether it is local marketing in Perth, Australia-wide or internationally, talk to us about improving the effectiveness of your offline and online campaigns through beautiful design pieces that are memorable and engaging.?For those looking for graphic design Perth, we have been a preferred choice based on our experience, skills and friendly approach.?We specialise in graphic design, logo design, web design, corporate stationery, event signage, packaging and print design.?

                    Graphic design is about …



                    Conveying your values visually



                    Engaging the senses, reaching your audience



                    Strategic communication and design = effective marketing



                    Process of Discovery to Display



                    Clean, minimal, memorable

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                    An eye catching & meaningful logo forms a great foundation for the rest of your marketing.

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                    Corporate Stationery and Collaterals

                    Did you know that the tactile nature of custom prints generates increased activity in the cerebellum. This part of the brain is associated with spatial memory networks and emotional processing. In lay terms, readers are more likely to remember your ad and your brand in printed material compared to other advertising platforms.?

                    Events, Sales Display, Signage, Trade Show, Vehicle Graphics, Print management

                    Our aim is to help you create higher advertising and brand recall. Studies showing MRI brain scan reported that print material has better memory stimulation ability. If you want to build a tribe of influential consumers who sway other consumers, no other advertising platform beats print. Influence the Influencers!?

                    Brochures and Company Profiles

                    Here’s a secret…many companies are prospering from the benefits of having a great print campaign while companies afflicted with the herd mentality scramble to out-digitise their competitors. Because print materials involve more emotional processing, print readers are more engaged, more focused on reading. Contrast reading print material with browsing the web with multiple tabs open and television noise in the background. Your advertisement in that type of environment has a high risk of not being noticed.

                    Brand Style Guide Development

                    A powerful brand message is clear, concise, descriptive and compelling. A powerful brand reduces the information-gathering and decision-making hassles consumers for your services undertake and increases their confidence in the decisions they make. It must be consistent across all marketing channels that support your business. Effective branding management from the start will reward your business with higher brand recall and resulting in increased profitability. Consistent and guided application will boost brand recognition and goodwill.

                    Delivering exceptional graphic design services to businesses in Perth,
                    Australia and to over 35 countries.


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                    Daniel assisted us in creating...

                    a very meaningful and memorable brand identity for Insider TV.
                    Insider TV creates original, insightful and entertaining travel content to the people across the globe with a monthly audience reach of over 14 million on varying platforms and devices. It was important for our logo design to work across the various applications and variations. Thank you Daniel for your communication and thought into our design.

                    Daniel Barry -?Founder & Director, Insider TV

                    Bill Newman Ministries

                    ANZAOMS has used the services of Daniel Sim Design...

                    over the last year to design a range of options for a new and modern logo for our Professional Association. ANZAOMS were keen to engage our Members in the process and Daniel was extremely helpful with a design brief and Member survey, obtaining maximum Member input into the process.? The result is outstanding and we are very happy with our new branding. Daniel was at all times extremely responsive, very cost effective and has been very patient throughout the process. We would absolutely recommend Daniel Sim to others seeking logo design development or refresh.

                    Belinda Mellowes -?Executive Officer | ANZAOMS
                    The Australian and New Zealand Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

                    Australian and New Zealand Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

                    Daniel Sim web design was recommended to me by a friend...

                    Who’s webpage impressed me with great design and professionalism. Daniel set up my page and again he included great features and good understanding how to present the business well. Through the years he helped updating the page which was very helpful also in regards to the google ranking. I can really recommend him.

                    Dr Harald Puhalla - Bariatic, Hepato-pacreato, Biliary, Upper Gastrointestinal General Surgeon

                    Dr Harald Puhalla - Surgeon

                    Having many options out there these days...

                    available for website, logo and brand design, we were delighted to have arrived at working with Daniel Sim Design for our project. DSD created a beautiful brand design for us including logos, websites pages, stationary etc which has had great feedback from patients and other doctors alike. We opted for the platinum package which I recommend. I would encourage anyone or any business who is seeking exquisite brand design coupled with a very professional service to contact DSD as you will not be disappointed.

                    Dr Suzanne Ma - Bariatric and General Surgical Specialist

                    Dr Suzanne Ma - Bariatric and General Surgical Specialist

                    Daniel is extremely professional, experienced and creative...

                    From my very first communication with Daniel, I was impressed by Daniel's confident, easy, warm manner. He understood exactly what it was I was trying to achieve by getting to know me and my business. Daniel has exceeded my expectations for my company's branding from logo design to stationery and I am ecstatic with the results and have been complimented many times on the colours and design. Daniel is extremely professional, experienced and creative. Nothing was ever a hassle and our communications the entire time have been responsive, clear and open. I’m extremely happy with the result and can’t wait to put Niche in the marketplace. Daniel has added the polish and professionalism that I want reflected throughout my business.

                    Karen -?Niche Property Management

                    Karen Niche Property Management

                    He was warm and friendly and expressed a genuine enthusiasm...

                    From the very first point of communication Daniel stood apart from other designers I had contacted. He was warm and friendly and expressed a genuine enthusiasm and interest in my work along with his initial vision for a brand identity. As an artist, I naturally had creative ideas of my own, but Daniel brought my ideas to life, exceeding all expectations with his impressive and beautiful work. He patiently allowed me to express all my thoughts and then directed my thinking towards a clean, eye-catching logo and somehow captured my personality within it, which was true genius seeing as he had never met me. I consider myself privileged to have worked with Daniel and cannot recommend him highly enough. 

                    Alexis Atkins - Alexis Atkins


                    ...logo was very vibrant in colour and eye catching, resulting in numerous enquiries...

                    Daniel Sim Design has assisted in the logo development for Sieverts Radiation Protection Consultancy. The logo was very vibrant in colour and eye catching, resulting in numerous enquiries and consultancy work for us. We at Sieverts Consultancy find that Daniel Sim Design quality of service was of a high standard and would highly recommend to all businesses. 

                    William Tan - Manager of Health Physics, Sieverts Radiation Protection Consultancy


                    Daniel Sim designed the RSL...

                    Daniel Sim designed the RSL Commemorative Medallion, celebrating the signing of the armistice which brought World War One to an end.  We were impressed with their level of involvement in the process, their need to understand the requirement and their attention to detail.  Their advice was invaluable.  Of course, the proof is in the pudding as they say.  Copies of this medallion now reside in Buckingham Palace, the Governor General's residence and one has been placed in the collection of the Australian War Memorial.  Thank you Daniel Sim Design.

                    Hugh Polson - Sunnybank RSL

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                    If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with our initial logo concepts, we’ll issue a full refund.

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